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Academic Work Experience

Adjunct Professor, McGeorge School of Law (2015-present)

            Introduction to Capital Lawyering (2015-16) – JD

Lawmaking in California (2015-present) – JD

Legislative and Public Policy Clinic (2018-21) – JD

Legislatures and Lawmaking (2020-present) – MSL

Lobbying and Politics (2020-present) – MSL

Lecturer, University of California, Davis, King Hall School of Law (2021-present)

            Legislative Drafting (2021-present) – JD

Teaching Faculty, Capitol Seminars (2016-2023)

            Regulatory Agency Advocacy

            Sponsoring a Bill

Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) Programs:

Legal Education Seminars



McGeorge CapImpact

Google Scholar:

Published Articles:

Capitol Weekly

California Globe

The National Law Review

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